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Are you raising money for individuals primarily under the age of 21?
If YES, please DO NOT fill out or submit this form as we are unable to donate to this cause, even if your event serves to only 21+. Thank you!

Do you donate to local causes?
Newport Distilling Company and Newport Storm Brewery have been active supporters for many of the area’s non-profit organizations over the years. We have donated to hundreds of causes and helped raise thousands of dollars for our neighbors and the causes that are important to them. As a local business, it is important for us to support the things that are important to our fans and do our part in making our community a better place.

How do you make a request?
To make it easier for organizations to ask for our help, we have posted our donation request form at the bottom of this page for you to download and fill out. Given the hundreds of requests our company receives each year for donations, please fill the form at least a month before your event so we may have time review them and determine what we will be able to do. Although we would like to fulfill all requests, please understand that we are a small brewery. Our production of 4,000 barrels last year pales in comparison to brewers like Boston Beer Company (1.3 million barrels) or Anheuser-Busch (140 million barrels). Our team of 7 handles everything from brewing and distilling to sales support of our beers and spirits, paying our bills, and changing the light bulbs. Everyone wears several hats. As a result, we have a much more limited budget and less available “man hours” when handling requests. In short, what may be easy for some of our larger brewing industry peers (although we use the term “peer” loosely!), may not be so easy for us.

How can we help you?
For silent auction and reception-oriented events we prefer to send tour and tasting cards to our brewery and distillery, it is a great opportunity for us to showcase what we do at our facility and is a memorable experience for those looking to discover more about the craft beer world!

Do you have any limits?
As was mentioned before, we are a small brewery so we may not be as capable of providing the scale of support that you may receive from large companies. However, we do our best to help out as many groups as we can, and will certainly do everything we can to help out your cause. Unfortunately, given today’s media and litigious landscape, we are not able to donate to organizations whose primary goal is to raise funds or provide services for individuals under the age of 21. With so many groups concerned with and in some cases taking legal actions against, brewers, distillers, and winemakers for what they perceive as attempts to market to underage people it is simply not appropriate for us to put ourselves in a position where one of these fundamentalist groups could charge us with this practice. We realize that to many this may seem unrealistic but, sadly, in today’s environment, it is anything but that.


Donation Request Form

Please complete at least one month prior to event!

Please use the following format: Day of the Week, Month Day, Year (ex: Monday, May 15th, 2017)
Reminder, we do not donate product to be used in raffles/silent auctions. Instead, we like to offer tour and tasting passes to our brewery and distillery here in Newport, RI.