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 Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum

(42% ABV-84 Proof)

The way it’s supposed to be made. Where it’s supposed to be made.

 The Name 

Each barrel spends years aging until it is determined ready by the Master Distiller. Then, and only then the barrel is separately filtered, bottled and labeled by hand. 

The Flavors

Taste the spice, oak, and bold blackstrap molasses notes in this exceptional spirit and enjoy knowing that you’ve found a rum like no other. 

Single Distillations

We know of no other distiller that distills each barrel individually.

No Shortcuts

As other brand owners rush their new spirits to shelves, the opportunities for cutting corners seem endless. Buying bulk spirits from large distillers to call their own, cutting distillates with neutral spirits to increase output and adding coloring and flavors to mask imperfections or mimic age are all ways other distillers use to speed things up. Thankfully, the distillers of Thomas Tew would rather (and have) run out of rum than use these shortcuts or others and compromise their rum. 


Distilled, aged and bottled by Newport Distilling in Newport, RI. Rum 42% Alc. by Vol. 

Please drink responsibly.