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Thomas Tew Widow’s Walk

(67.5% ABV-135 Proof)

Overproof  White Rum


The Name

Crew members’ loved ones used small structures on the top of harbor side houses to look out for the safe return of their ships. These structures eventually became known as “widow’s walks”, as too often the ships, and the mariners on them never returned.

The History

When Newport, RI had the title “rum capital of the world”, life on the sea was not for the faint of heart, and neither is this rum. When ships left port, there was little guarantee of when or if they’d return. Widows Walk brings back the spirit of the bold sailors that put it all on the line to seek their fortunes.

The Spirit

The untamed flavors of this white rum distilled from blackstrap molasses brings forth a buttery nose and baked sugar flavor. High-proof, low water, and much more flavorful than other white rums, Widows Walk is the ultimate cocktail mixing white rum.

“There are lots of distillers making flavored rums and lower proof white rums. An overproof white rum is a unique expression that is focused on our meticulous process and the spirit itself.”

-Master Distiller, Brent Ryan

Distilled, aged and bottled by Newport Distilling in Newport, RI. Rum 67.5%  Alc. by Vol. 

Please drink responsibly.